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Systems Creation

Every business needs effective systems to create extraordinary customer experiences.  To ensure your business can produce repeatable and sustainable delivery results, you will need business systems in the areas of communications, operations, financial management and customer engagement. A systems creation approach incorporates a set of guidelines that transcend all aspects of business executions eliminating confusion and unintended results.  When everyone operates out of a standard framework, business leaders can trust in the consistency of product and service delivery.

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Effectiveness Training

Effectiveness is the catalyst that leads to repeatable execution and needs to be an organization wide engagement. Most process consultants will focus on the efficiency of your business processes. Streamalign is focused on getting you the recurring results a business leader would expect from a high-performance organization. In our experience we realized that being effective is more reliable than being efficient. Once you have an effective team doing effective work, you can then focus on more efficient use of your time, resources and money.

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Process Development

A process is a recurring set of actions that produce an output.  Streamalign partners with you to document your business processes to help provide a visual map of work flowing through the different areas of your company. Streamalign takes a lean six sigma approach to process creation, with a focus on reducing organizational waste (money, effort). 

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Process Analysis

Would your customers be willing to pay for all the current activities in place to deliver your products or services? Are you maximizing your time, resources and money as your product or service traverses the steps taken to bring it to completion? Through time-proven process analysis techniques, you can experience the assurance of knowing how well your business process engine is performing and make the necessary ongoing adjustments to keep you sustainable into the future.

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